It was a question about a laptop fitting in a backpack.

It’s not advisable to fit a 17 inch laptop into a 17 inch laptop backpack with a 17 inch laptop pocket opening.

A strategic advisor to the CEO.

This is its mainpurpose of post. It will have two key areas of focus. The Chief Executive will be provided with high quality advice about the policy, strategy and decision making at the earliest possible stage, so as to ensure they are being well executed.

What is the rate of your graduate school?

Mortgage rates for people who are qualified Thirty- YearFixed THURSDAY’S LINKS The 30-year Jumbo was 6.91. 15-year fixed

The US military uses rifle Scopes.

The M150 is an ACOG for the M4 and M16 weapon systems. It includes dual illumination technology using a combination of fiber optical and self- Luminous tritium

What desk is the best for two monitors?

The Ikea Malm Desk With Pull-Out Panel is a fantastic piece of furnishings. It can be tucked away to hold two large computer monitors, and has a hidden pull-out panel that can turn it into an L-shaped desk.

What are the different types of mouses?

The three kinds of peripheral are inputs, outputs, and output devices. Keyboards, headsets, mouses, and other computer peripherals are commonly used.

do you think Dell is better compared to HP for computer?

HP is usually the best choice when it comes to choosing the best device. Dell boasts perks that include more affordable laptops and desktops. So you want high Performance or more budget-friendly?

Should the DGT Centaur be worth something?

For practice and practice. I received my DGT Centaur over two days ago. The board’s small size (1.97 inches) and thinness make it ideal for a variety of purposes – it’s simple to move around and use. The plastic pieces.

What is a Wyse computer

Wyse Software, used in Wyse Converter, converts fat clients into thin client-like devices with a combination of both local and server based computation for increased security, and at the same time leverage existing PC investments.

Is there a cloud computing class for theMBA student?

The MBA in Cloud Computing is designed to help students cultivate knowledge and skills which help them tap unlimited businesses. Students can choose to attend the full time course or not.

Is it possible to beat ZAX in chess?

It’s impossible to beat Z-Xk because of a bug, but he’s an avid chess player and very challenging

The K5- pill is a question.

Round View details of the strength of lnclusivity.

Which is technology in the sense of a simple definition?

Science can be applied to the practical aims of human existence, while technology can be used to the change and manipulation of the human environment.

What are the computer types?

The computer has a mainframe style operating system. The computer is expensive and heavy. A computer of its kind. This category of computer costs very much and is the fastest. The computer Personal computer with internet connection. The Macintosh is made by Apple. There is a laptop computer

The Journal of Computer Information Systems has a ranking.

The overall rank of the Journal of Computer Information Systems is 7223. This journal is rated by the journal ranking system. SCImago Journal Rank is an indicator.

Is Hammer strength owned by the company?

Life FITNESS was acquired by the new company that is called BROCK in 1997. The sale was completed by July 11 1997. Life Fitness acquired Hammer Strength later in 1997

Does the private equity firm own the player?

The majority stake of Copeland had been acquired by the Blackstone Group.

What is the difference between tech knowledge and not.

A person’s understanding of how to operate a Tablets, download an app and share a pic of it in the app is indicative of a person’s understanding of the function and operation of that app.

What are the three types of liferafts?

There are three basic life raft designs, and they’re all called coastal, offshore, and ocean-going. They need platforms that will keep them off the water while they are waiting for help.

Who makes the SKZ songs?

Three people are members of the act’s prolific production team, namely: Chan, Changbin and Han, collectively known as 3RACHA. Their work is credited as the creators of almost every Stray Kids track in their catalog.

What language is SugarCRM in?

Sugar supports every version of the Linux, Apache, andMySQL operating systems that the language runs on, but it changed it’s original plan to only support for the MicrosoftIIS web server, and for the Microsoft BizTalk server.

What is the wage at the company?

The average salary for a professional is 97,261 per year. There are different percentages of the top to bottom of the pyramid, with the lowest salaries ranging from $60,000 a year to 157,000. The average employee pays $46.68 an hour.

Is computer engineering long?

An engineering education that focuses on computer systems is called an electrical engineering degree. The curriculum helps the student analyze computer systems, designs, construction and use of electronic equipmen.

What is a mild cam?

The LSA of an RV or towing camshaft can be either 112 or 114 degrees, which is considered a more conservative LSA. The LSA on hot street camshafts is usually between the range of 112- and 112-degrees.

The Woodlands is a city.

Why don’t we have a city? The area of The Woodlands belonged to Montgomery County and was considered to be an unincorporated master-planned community. The City of Houston had the ability, prior to 1999.

Can I recycle broken electronics in London?

SquareBox Recycling has a dedicated section that gives you free disposal of electronic devices at the right time. Drop the electronic items off at our authorised hubs around the UK.

Is it true that the Federal university of Science and Technology is recruiting?

The Federal University of Technology Ikot Abasi FUtia has a recruitment portal for applications. The application is open for individuals who are interested in the University.

Can carbon nanotubes hold up?

BULLETS THAT ARE SUPPLIED WITH CARBON NANOTUBES IS BEING Stopping. They concluded that these nanotubes repel projectiles that are several times faster and more energetic than the usual bullets.

There are many employees in Byrna.

Who is the CEO of Byrna Technologies?

The computer science department at Massachusetts Lowell is ranked.

The CompSci rankings of the University ofLowell. College Factual’s Best Schools for compsci list ranked the bachelor’s program at UMassLowell in the top ten.

Is Marian University a prestigious school?

Marian University is ranked in the country. According to, Marian University is a #125 university. Schools are ranked based on their performance across multiple indicators. Information on how we rank schools is HERE.

Did you mean an example of a cellular technology?

A range of telecom technologies, including pubic land radio, Mobile two-way radio, amateur HAM radio and mobile telephone, are examples.

How is the recall on the i330r dive computer connected to?

The problem is that the recalled diving computers can’t adjust to the users altitude and display incorrect calculations for sea level dive times over 3,000 feet.

The crowns of CEREC are stronger than traditional crowns.

There’s a slight difference in weariness betweenTraditional crowns use a metal base and porcelain tooth as the most durable type of crown The crown is made from porcelain so it is slightly less durable.

How do I change my account?

There is a new purchase that you can redeem. Go to or to setup. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, Step 2 is to sign it in If prompted, take your product key and keyboard.

A computer image is something.

A computer image is any imagery created by or using a computer. A system image is a copy of an entire computer system.

what type of fire defense is needed in case of fire on the computer

We recommend de-Ionisation water mist extinguisher that has a de-ionised water element, because liquid or powder extinguisher use can damage computers.

What are fish eggs?

What is it about the marine snail? There is more to caviar than just the roe on top of your sushi. It’s a delicacy all around the world. Only sturgeon egg can be used to make ros and rai.

Will the university accept a 3.5 GPA?

There is an optional minimum grade point average requirement for UGA. Their application should focus on your high school grades. 50 percent of admitted students have received an admission.

Is the computer of a car theECU?

An engine’s internal computer is called the ‘brain’. This is an electronic system that serves a variety of roles including computer, power management system and switches. It must be able to perform on a basic level.